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Top 10 Best Inverter for home In India 2020

Electricity needs are higher in homes and commercial establishments. Also, frequent power cuts may hamper the overall performance of devices

Whether you are doing your finishing work or booking tickets, now complete your tasks without any interruption using this house by APC on your home computer.

This tool provides the necessary backup to save your files and shut down your computer safely. UPS is designed in such a way that it provides its users with a flawless working experience even during power outages and voltage fluctuations.

Using high-quality products with advanced design ensures that you can deliver the required power supply to your device in the absence of power.Here is list of top 10 best inverter for home

best inverter for home


1.Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Home Pure Sinewave best UPS Inverter for home(Black)

Luminous zelio home ups are the smartest home ups in India, with features such as power back-up time display in hours and minutes, hassle-free battery water level maintenance, mcb protection and it is equipped with a bypass switch that also supplies output from the grid Keeps doing Defects of the house.

Protection: Overload, deep discharge, short-circuit, reverse polarity and input mains protection via MCB.LED display for power back-up/battery charging time status in hours and minutes
Running load: – 3 CFLs, 3 tube lights, 3 ceiling fans, 1 television, 1 air cooler
Noise operation with the help of low harmonic distortion.
inverter for home useTop 10 Best Inverter for home In India 2020 1
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  • The number of supported batteries (12 V): 1;
  • Max Charging Current (in ampere): 15;
  • Running equipment: fans, laptops, LED TVs, lights, mixer grinders, personal computers, refrigerators;
  • Protection: Deep discharge, MCB, overload, short circuit;
  • Other features: Digital display, fast charging, Easy UPS bypass, MCB protection.

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2.Microtek Ups Sebz 1100 Va Pure Sinewave best Inverter for home

Microtek UPS SEBz Series Micro Controller is a design-based, extended backup external battery UPS system. It comes with many user-friendly features. It has a voltage range selection switch and can be operated in the standard voltage range from 100V ~ 300V and in the narrow voltage range from 180V ~ 260V.

The UPS SEBase Series models are based on Intelli Pure Synve technology which ensures noiseless, safe and efficient performance with long backups.

If the UPS is overloaded in UPS mode or encounters a short circuit, it will go into safety mode. In this case, the output will stop. Battery Deep Discharge / Over Charge Protection: UPS has an in-built electronic protection circuit that protects the battery from being deep discharged or overcharged.
ups inverter for homeTop 10 Best Inverter for home In India 2020 2
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  • Input voltage (standard range) 100 v – 300 v;
  • Charging Current (Standard): 10 Amps ± 1 Amp
  • Output Power- 760 Watts.
  • Rated Capacity- 950 VA;
  • Efficiency (Battery Mode) > 80%
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Smart overload sense and short circuit protection

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3.Luminous Zolt 1100 Sine Wave Home UPS Inverter 

Shiny Zolt Home Up / Inverter is a sine wave up that provides exceptional grid quality back-up power to loads and home appliances during a power failure. The Zolt power inverter can better charge the battery, calculate backups, and adaptive learning for charging time as it is powered by a 32 bit PSP processor.

A built-in alarm management system warns you about short-circuits, incorrect wiring, battery overcharges, overloads, and low batteries. Typically, the mains power is operated on the distribution power to load up.

When the mains power fails, the load is automatically transferred back into the mains, the battery is excellently restored and charged to keep it at an optimum level. The smart display displays the backup and charging time with a unique signal in the bag.

Introduce the shock around you and see the magic of backup rest. Considerations: Power Watts Considered – LED TV 40 ” – 75 W, Fan 1200mm – 80 W, Refrigerator – 200 W, AC 1.5 Ton – 2000 W. The recommended running load should be at 75% peak load. Check the rated power consumption of your devices before selecting a home UPS
best inverter for home 2019Top 10 Best Inverter for home In India 2020 3
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  • Material: Metal, Color: Black
  • Package Contents: 1 Inverter
  • Fast charge and efficient sine wave inverter with capacity – 900 VA and 756 W rated power. Max charging
  • current (in ampere) 15
  • Intelligent home UPS with 32 bit DSP processor that learns and optimizes back-up and battery charging based
  • on load supply and requirements
  • Intuitive LCD display for various required signals such as back-up time, charging time (hrs & mins), main on,
  • echo / up mode, system fault, and battery water level
  • Security alarms to provide safe solutions for devices in case of short circuits
  • MCB for protection against faults and surge in this 1100 volt inverter.

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4.V-Guard Prime 1150 DUPS

The V-Guard Prime 1150 digital sine-wave inverter is a heavy-duty inverter that is the best in class performance. Equipped with many features such as battery topping reminder to avoid battery damage and interrupted the performance.

high inverter base various requirements to keep your battery healthy, high-performance selection switch to remove battery gravity builder and many more. It is compatible with any battery within 80-230 AH.
 inverter for home priceTop 10 Best Inverter for home In India 2020 4
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  • Pure Sinewave Output which is ideal for loads of sophisticated electronic equipment
  • Battery water topping reminder to avoid last-minute troubles
  • A high-performance selection switch to control the display
  • Battery gravity builder that keeps your battery healthy and increases longevity

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5.Microtek Inverter UPS EB 800 (700VA) 588 Watts Inverter

Microtech is one of the best power production companies in the world. This is another mind-blowing inverter that comes from Microtech. Input Voltage: 100V-300V Output Voltage on Mains Mode: Same as Input, Output Voltage on UPS Mode: 210V percentage 10 percent,

Charging approximately 10 percent of rated battery current in charger continuously: Power Factor Control Boost Technology Efficiency: 80 percent UPS Overload /, UPS Short Circuit: 110 percent / 300 percent UPS Transfer Time:
inverter for houseTop 10 Best Inverter for home In India 2020 5
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  • Type: Square Wave Inverter
  • Technology used: Micro-controlled intelligent control design, material: metal
  • Technology used: Micro-controlled intelligent control design, material: metal
  • Output Voltage: 180V – 230V, Output Frequency: 50Hz
  • Protection: overload, deep discharge, short-circuit, reverse polarity

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6.Su-Kam Falcon Eco 1000Va Sine Wave Inverter

Su-Kam’s Falcon Eco is India’s hybrid solar inverter that is perfect for your home. It acts as a common inverter as well as an off-grid solar system because it can charge batteries through the grid and solar. The home solar UPS – Falcon-design, style, features, and performance – is perfect in everything.
inverter for home with batteryTop 10 Best Inverter for home In India 2020 6
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  • Output Waveform: Sine wave commercial UPS
  • Output Voltage & Frequency – 220/220
  • comes with the six-stage battery charging
  • it comes with 12 months warranty.
  • allow charging during very low voltage
  • Smart LED panel that features five indicators
  • Falcon Eco 1000/12V

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7.APC Home UPS 850VA Sine Wave BI850SINE

 To help the user, the designers have incorporated special plug holes in this UPS. This design helps the user to plug in their three-pin capable cord device and continue working.

This up has a power generation capacity of 500 watts. The absence of an internal battery and the presence of an external battery access system makes this device safe and easy to use for your home.

Its simple and efficient design makes this UPS a must for every household. Once it is low on the UPS battery, the user needs to charge it for 10 hours, and it would be good to go. To get this charger for your home use, buy APC Home UPS online from the comfort of your home.
Top 10 Best Inverter for home In India 2020 7
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  • Designed for harsh Indian power conditions
  • Child safe, shockproof, short circuit protection
  • Pure sine wave power for TVs, home theater systems, stereo sets, gaming equipment as well as home
  • electronics for lights and fans so you can enjoy your life uninterrupted
  • Compatible Battery Type – Flat Plate or Tubular
  • Compatible Battery Size – 80ah-180ah
  • Number of batteries required – 1 (12 v)
  • Includes inverter, manual and warranty card
  • Product warranty 2 years

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8.Microtek Inverter Ups Sebz 900 (800Va) 672 Watts Sinewave Inverter

Microtek offers us a wide range of products that have an elegant and ergonomic design. Microtech products are durable and long-lasting. Microtek products can be widely used both at home and professionally.

If you are looking for a utilitarian and stylish inverter for your home or office, then have a look at this Microtech Inverter. this inverter supports all types of devices. It is completely noiseless and as soon as it sends a power cut, it silently enters battery mode. In this way, you do not even know that there is a power failure.

 3 phase inverterTop 10 Best Inverter for home In India 2020 9
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  • Material: Plastic, Color: Gray
  • Package Content: 1 Microtech Product
  • It has an elegant and ergonomic design
  • Digital display: Advanced seven-segment digital display that indicates input and output voltages
  • Energy-efficient: with power-saving technology, the Microtek stabilizer provides high performance
  • Low and high cut-off: Automatically cuts grid supply during power cuts and fluctuations
  • It is long-lasting and durable.

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9.Luminous Hkva 2 Kva Sine Cruze Wave UPS Inverter (Silver)

This UPS has a beautiful and easy to understand display which shows the status of mains availability, battery charging, battery level etc.Adaptive battery charging control system technology (ABCC) ensures faster battery charging and extends battery life.

Protecting your home: Zelio is equipped with comprehensive safety features such as short-circuit, reverse polarity, battery over-charge, and battery deep-discharge. Its pure sine wave output ensures the safety and soundness of connected devices.
which is the best inverter for homeTop 10 Best Inverter for home In India 2020 10

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  • Comprehensive power back up system, suitable for all types of business installations, provides special
  • protection to sensitive equipment
  • The cost advantage of luminous inverters over diesel generator
  • Warranty: 2 years on product
  • Power: 1600 watts; Operating voltage: 180 volts
  • Includes: Main Unit and Warranty Manual
  • Battery System – Double Battery / 24V, Battery Support – 120 Ah – 220 Ah
  • Recommended Battery AH-135 Ah – 180Ah; Full battery recharge time -10 – 12 hours

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10.Amaron Hi-Life Pro 900Va Pure Sinewave best Home Ups Inverters

It has a capacity of 900 W and is a sinew inverter, it provides superb power back-up for all your devices. Inverter from Amaron runs on Cinev technology. The device has visual indicators as well as an overload alarm.

Therefore, say goodbye to Humid, Glomie and Stagnant power cuts with this useful inverter. This technology is powered by the Amon 900W Pure Sync inverters, Synov Technology. This technology allows other machines to run longer. Thus, if you experience long power cuts, then this inverter will come to your rescue.

Audio Alarm It is not always possible that the inverter is monitored to check the status of devices. Therefore, the inverter has a system overload alarm that signals when an overload occurs and automatically resets the inverter. Also, best Inverter for home has a blown fuse alarm protection, short circuit protection, and a low battery signal.

Battery Charging and Management The battery of this Amarone 900 V pure sine wave inverter can be charged quickly and efficiently. This cine inverter comes with a battery, which has a high power factor and reduces the amount of AC power required to charge the inverter battery.

Therefore, it consumes less energy. The inverter is also a transformer that increases the longevity of the inverter by reducing power consumption.
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  • Pure Sine Wave Technologi
  • Noice Free
  • On Site Service
  • 10 Years Transformer Warranty By Manufacturer

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